K-MAX Milano Keratin Hair Fibers Black Regular 15gr

Hair thickening fibers by KMax Milano, from 100% natural keratin. It's the easiest and most effective way to get rich thick hair in 30''. It is ideal for thin, thin and weak hair, both for men and women.
Product code: 0012236
KMax Milano hair thickening fibers made of 100% natural keratin are the easiest and most natural way to cover the thinning in your hair with an immediate effect, ideal for thin and weak hair in men and women. It blends evenly with your natural hair, and lasts until the next wash, and won't come off with sweat, rain or wind.
The fibers will instantly and firmly adhere to thin, weak or fine hair, with the help of static electricity. They are extremely light and this allows them to spread evenly through the hair without gaps or clumps. Use them and you will instantly and easily eliminate any form of dilution, in just a few seconds!